Saturday, June 21, 2008

Horse power ... Ken Gibson enjoys Wyoming

SITTING astride the big grey stallion Snow I felt every inch the cowboy in my Levis, Marlboro shirt and stetson.

Riding through the breath-taking mountain ranges in the day and dancing in the saloons at nights I was fulfilling every boy’s dream and starring in my very own John Wayne movie.

Horse riding may still be the perfect means of transport to unwind into holiday mode, but getting around the vast states — we clocked up more than 2,200 miles — needs the modern luxury of a Recreational Vehicle (RV).

We picked up our roadhog from the Denver depot of one of America’s biggest RV firms, El Monte, and after a thorough familiarisation with the vehicle from experts we headed west armed with a list of official Kampgrounds Of America campsites on our route.
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