Monday, June 09, 2008

RV Sales Dismal According to RV Dealer

The trade group for recreational vehicles wants everyone to know that an RV vacation can cost less than a conventional getaway, and that obeying a few simple rules can save fuel, such as "minimize air conditioning by opening windows" and "turn off water when bathing."

Finding the bright side in the RV industry is no easy feat these days. This will be the fourth year of shrinking motor-home sales, aggravated by a falling housing market and soaring gas prices. Any big-ticket item with an engine has become a tough sell for the typical consumer, homes all the more so: "If they're not buying houses on foundations, they're not going to buy them on wheels," noted Bob Simonson, analyst at Chicago's William Blair & Co.

As Dan Guthrie, owner of Art's RV Sales and Service in Glen Ellyn, put it, "From a sales standpoint, I think 'dismal' is the word that fits."

Will RVs turn around anytime soon? "No, no," Simonson said, emphatically. "What was terrible is getting worse."
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