Monday, June 23, 2008

Snowbirding and Sunbirding in the Full Time RV Life

Bess McBride writes in her blog...

I was standing in the teeniest shower in the world in my recreational vehicle wondering why I full-time RV, that is to say, live and travel full time in my RV. The RV park where I’m staying has all kinds of RVers in it. Folks who are holiday RVers and travel on weekends and vacations, folks who live in their RVs permanently…without ever moving, folks who leave their stick-built homes and travel to the southern climates for the warmth such as snowbirders, folks who live full time in their RVs but travel constantly roaming the country like nomads, and folks who live in their RVs but stay in places for extended periods…like myself.

We stay in one place for the winter and in one place for the summer, although not necessarily the same places. But we do need to park it for five or more months at a time so my significant other can get settled into a job and earn some money along the way. My job as a summer seasonal employee with the National Park Service gives us the opportunity to travel to new locations and stay for extended periods while I don my uniform and march off to work everyday for five months.

Sometimes, I’m feel a little frustrated that we can’t travel more frequently and stay in places for only a week or two before moving on to the next. There’s so much country to see! Sometimes… And then there are times like last night when I remembered the loneliness of traveling daily in the RV, staying in empty parks in strange towns, never knowing the people around us, too tired at the end of the driving day to socialize or meet anyone. And I’m glad we’ve evolved into some sort of snowbird/sunbird sort of existence, where we can stay anywhere we want for five to seven months at a time and get to know the local folks, the town and their customs.
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