Sunday, July 13, 2008

Couple's dream to start family-style campground comes true

Winston-Salem Journal - Winston-Salem,NC,USA
LINWOOD - Given all the thrills that Arthur Morrison has experienced, perhaps it's not surprising that he so readily embraced the laidback lifestyle that you find at family campgrounds, where often the most pressing issue is whether to grill hamburgers or hotdogs.

Last October after he turned 60, Morrison was forced to retire from his job as a commuter pilot. But he said he felt too young to quit working. So he and Glenda turned their attention to what had become a shared dream -- owning a campground.

Last month, they opened Cross Wind Family Campground, a 37-acre complex with 49 camper and tent sites, just off Interstate 85 between Lexington and Salisbury. Though most of the sites are ready, the campground isn't completed.

The Morrisons are optimistic that the campground can weather the surge in fuel prices. "If you drive along the rural roads of Davidson County, in one in 10 backyards, you'll see a camper, and that doesn't count the tents you see in people's attics," Arthur Morrison said.

Those people still want to camp, he said. They just won't travel as far. For example, he and his wife usually go to Florida twice a year. This year, they will travel there one time and spend more time camping in the mountains.
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