Monday, July 21, 2008

Flood Victims May Soon Live in RVs Outside Ravaged Homes

KCRG - Cedar Rapids,IA,USA
EDAR RAPIDS - Right now, Cedar Rapids city code forbids people from living in RVs or travel trailers in residential areas. But FEMA and several homeowners want that to change, and city leaders are working to make it happen.

The idea comes from a town in Mississippi that did the same thing after Hurricane Katrina. FEMA couldn't provide enough temporary housing, and people wanted to be close to their homes to rebuild faster.

For the past week, Chrystal Rodriguez' family of five has already been living out of a travel trailer parked outside of their real home on the southeast side of the city.

She says, "We actually don't have any water or anything inside there, so we have to go other places to use the facilities or whatever."

She didn't know it was illegal to do so. Across Cedar Rapids' flood zone, dozens of homeowners are doing the same thing. For some, it makes rebuilding easier. For others like the Rodriguez family, the money for hotels simply ran out.
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