Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hit the Highway and Still do Business

Must business skid to a halt the second the door of the RV slams shut? Not when most of what can be done in a home office can easily adapt to the highway.

"I'm taking my office with me in an 18-inch-by-18-inch cube," Zbar, 43, says. "It's not about replicating your regular office--you can't sell it as a vacation and then work the entire time."

Called a "mobile workmate," Zbar's portable office is a wheeled case with telescoping handle and a place for everything: laptop, cords, GPS--all the necessary tools that can be stashed out of sight when it's more important to be fishing with the kids or playing in the sand on the Jersey Shore.

To prove it can be done, and to turn a little profit, Zbar embarked July 5 with his family of five on a four-week road trip he calls "Home Office Highway."

He's demonstrating his mobile office--and tricks he's learned after 19 years working from home--at various stops along the way. He's also giving out his tip-filled booklet, with advice to those new to the concept of a working vacation, or "workation," as Zbar calls it.
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