Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New campgrounds enhance City of Rocks

Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
BURLEY, Idaho -- Used to be that if you wanted to camp among the beautiful and fascinating rocks at the City of Rocks in southern Idaho, all you had was primitive camping.

That was fine with members of the rock-climbing culture who would throw down a tarp and sleeping bag and hit the sack after belting down a few beers after a 16-hour cross-country drive to the place.

Today, the area sports a new RV-friendly campground that makes it easier for families to camp in the area.

And guess what? Even some of the climbers who are now in their 50s don't mind the hot showers.

With the new Smoky Mountain Campground at Castle Rocks State Park, visitors to the City of Rocks National Reserve have a choice between primitive or plush camping.

The City of Rocks, which is located south of Burley, is on the northern edge of the Great Basin and is known for its unique rock formations.
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