Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Onward to the Tetons! - A blog Post about the 'Camping Experience'

The uninitiated residents of hotels may wonder: Why have the burden of setting up camp and the bother of community bathrooms down the street when you can stay at a comfortable hotel with cable TV, convenient maid service, and continental breakfast? Why wrestle with the technical problems of an RV when you can rent a car and hand responsibility back to the rental company with the car keys? The answer: to enjoy the unparalleled Camping Experience.

In the Camping Experience, you get to know your neighbors, rather than remaining solitary and sequestered in a sterile hotel room. Although you may meet only for a few days as you pass one another on the road of life, there is a sense of mutual camaraderie. You help one another with technical difficulties that inevitably arise when trying to maintain a house on wheels. You freely share tools and advice; no compensation is expected. You feel perfectly normal walking outside in your pajamas and meeting others doing the same. You introduce yourself to your new neighbors, and pretty soon you are sitting outside and slapping mosquitoes together like old friends. As your neighbors use your bug spray and you start a campfire using their wood, life stories and travel adventures are shared with folks who, just a few moments before, were perfect strangers.
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