Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RV 'full-timers' find paved paradise convenient, cost-efficient

Casper Star-Tribune Online - Casper,WY,USA
The sun blazed overhead, warming the vast wilderness. As a Mustang roamed here and a Ram meandered there, an eagle perched near the edge of the land and gazed upon the activity.

But this was no ordinary eagle. It needed a spacious place to bed down for the night that would accommodate its large, ah, wingspan. As always, it found it at Wal-Mart. The convenient food source was a plus, too.

You see, this "eagle" was a 40-foot American Eagle motor home. It is home, sweet home for full-time RVers William and Montez Beard. That and the various plots of Wal-Mart parking lots they claim throughout their wanderings.

The Beards, along with hundreds of other RVers, find the Wal-Mart wilderness a convenient, cost-efficient way to see America's sights. The couple stopped at Casper's east-side Wal-Mart late last week.
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