Friday, July 18, 2008

An RV vacation on $100 a day?

Valley News - temecula,ca,USA
In a time when watching budgets is critical, we turned our discerning eye to a timely topic: could we accomplish a one- or two-week RV vacation for $100 per day?

This was just our type of planning challenge!

We began with guidelines we already knew from previous RV vacations, such as plan regionally and fully stock the RV locally with food and supplies to curb impulse spending.

We knew that membership warehouse club gas was the cheapest in the Inland Empire location, so we plotted these locations for possible fill-ups. Truck stops are also great for good gas prices.

Don’t let your tank get to empty before you start thinking about filling up. Each stop was more than $300, so the gas price does matter, and stations near the freeway can charge up to 50 cents more per gallon for convenience.
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