Thursday, July 03, 2008

San Diego CA, Water District takes back control of Campground

LAKESIDE – After 40 years of operating the Lake Jennings County Park, San Diego County is relinquishing oversight of the campground to the Helix Water District.

The water district owns the property in Lakeside and has decided not to renew a campground lease with the county that expires at the end of the year. People who camp and fish at Lake Jennings can expect slightly higher fees starting in January when Helix takes over. The district, for instance, will charge $30 for a full hookup campsite while the county Department of Parks and Recreation charged $25. Access to the area will increase from $1 to $2 per person, and a tent campsite will increase from $15 to $23. The fishing fee for an adult is slated to increase from $6 to $7.

The district also wants to stop people from making the campground their virtual homes. Several people would reserve spaces for their RV in the campground for two weeks, then leave for a few days and return to stay for another two weeks. To end that practice, the district plans to make a new rule limiting the amount of time people may stay in the park relative to how long they stay outside the campground between visits.
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