Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tennesee Planning Commission Set Campgroud Rules

Mountain Press - Sevierville,TN,USA
The Pittman Center Municipal/Regional Planning Commission has finalized work on a set of regulations which define campgrounds and how they must be operated.

The proposed ordinance classifies campgrounds in two groups: tent camping only and those that can accommodate recreational vehicles and motor homes. A combination of the two types is also permitted.
Limiting factors for the campground include topography, street access, proximity to flood hazard areas, availability of potable water and sewage disposal.

General requirements for campgrounds include that they be on a single lot or adjacent lots under the same owner and be a minimum of 600 feet from any residence; the minimum lot area is 10 acres; overnight rentals for more than 21 consecutive days are prohibited; roads must be of compacted gravel or pavement; and a buffer strip of native plants specified by the planning commission must screen the campground.
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