Thursday, July 17, 2008

Town residents voice opposition to campground expansion

Sawyer County Record - Hayward,WI,USA
An audience of concerned citizens spilled out the door last Wednesday at the Hunter town hall, eager to learn more about a campground expansion near Glover Lake. A few town leaders said it was the most-attended meeting they’d seen in years.

The concern centered on long-time owner Don Robinson’s proposal to expand his current campground by 9.3 acres to accommodate 20 new RV spaces. At the hearing, he asked to rezone the parcel to residential/recreational 2 to allow camping. His adjacent 40-acre property to the north is currently used as a campground.

Audience members quickly put Robinson in their crosshairs. Robinson argued that there is a need for more accommodations in Sawyer County for those who might not be able to afford homes. But the audience was adamant against Robinson’s proposal: campers do not pay taxes like homeowners, they said.

“These people want to invest money and time in this area,” Robinson said. “What you are all against is a lifestyle. Most (RV campers) are retired people who live elsewhere in the winter. You might not agree with that lifestyle, but a lot of people across this country are doing this.”

Robinson likened audience criticisms to “the drawbridge effect,” where people “get their slice of heaven and pull up the gate.”
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