Monday, July 14, 2008

Yuma, AZ RV Dealer Sells Global
Record gas prices have driven some savvy businessmen to seek a detour around spiraling fuel expenses.

And while overseas sales might be an exit to profitability, recent exports of an RV lot is largely accelerated by its Web page, says a Yuma dealer.

No one can put a price on quality family time and while he is in the RV business, he really sells a lifestyle, said Mike Green, owner of RV World, said.

"No matter what the price of gas, people still want to go camping."

Although he has been recently selling RVs to Russia and Australia, he's been doing exports since the early 1990s to Japan.

Exports are less than 5 percent of Green's business and while he would gladly boost those figures, sales abroad were stimulated by the Web page he posts, he said.
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