Friday, August 29, 2008

Albertans splurge on gas for last hurrah

Calgary Herald - AB, Canada
That's good news for the Eagle Lake RV Resort, a campground near Strathmore that relies on business from families keen to stick close to the city. The park is booked solid this weekend, said owner Leslie Pringle.

"We're only 40 minutes from the Calgary, so you can get here and back on less than a tank of gas. People like that," she said.

Gina Belcastro, manager of the Whispering Spruce Campgrounds in Balzac, said higher prices at the pump means most of the park's guests are from Alberta and British Columbia -- with some exceptions.

"We actually have a couple up here from the States right now that were supposed to drive to Alaska, but instead they've parked their motorhome and are going to fly instead," she said.
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