Sunday, August 17, 2008

Campground Hosts Welcome Colorado Campers

Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
There are more than 250 campground hosts in Colorado. Most of them are retirees, and nearly all live in recreational vehicles or campers parked in the campgrounds.

In exchange for light work — collecting campground tags, tidying campsites after campers move out, selling firewood, cleaning the campground latrine — they get a free place to live for the duration of their stint as host.

"It's a perfect situation for three or four months," said Kevin Bittmann who, along with his wife, Karen, works as a Cherry Creek State Park campground host.

"We won the baby-boomer jackpot. We spend summers here, and then we travel and go back to our house in Arizona in October until the next camping season."

Like most campground hosts, the Bittmans got the job by filing an application with the state parks service.

A rare few, like Great Sand Dunes National Park campground hosts Paul and Peggi Vetri, stumble into the job.
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