Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garmin® Offers nüMaps Guarantee™ on Personal Navigation Devices

Garmin, a leader in satellite navigation, announced its nüMaps Guarantee, which will ensure that new owners of select Garmin personal navigation devices (PNDs) receive the most updated map available.

“Garmin strives to make sure that our customers have the most current and up-to-date maps. As roads and points of interest change, we work closely with our map provider, NAVTEQ, to continually update our databases,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Now, when a customer starts using their new Garmin, they can be assured that their unit will have access to the latest version of road maps.”

“We’re pleased with Garmin’s efforts to make the freshest, most accurate map data available to its customers,” commented Cliff Fox, Senior Vice President, Map Division at NAVTEQ. “Our research indicates that portable navigation device users are more satisfied with their systems when the map data is up-to-date.”

After a customer purchases a new nüvi or zūmo PND, they can check to see if they are eligible for a free map update simply by registering their unit at within 60 days of the first use of their new PND. If new map data is available anytime during that 60-day period, the user can request and download the new data, free of charge, by following simple online prompts.

The nüMaps Guarantee program will begin on October 15, 2008. Anyone who first used their new nüvi or zūmo PND on August 17th or later will be eligible for a free map update – provided their unit is registered with Garmin and a new map is available within 60 days of the unit’s first use.

For more information on the nüMaps Guarantee, visit
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