Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day sun warms campers

Albany Times Union - Albany,NY,USA
EAST BERNE -- As Labor Day weekend brings summer to a close, campground operators say the season didn't turn out the way it was shaping up in the spring.

While reservations have leveled off over the past three months, campground officials have not been disappointed with the turnout. A record number of campers came out a year ago and numbers are up this year despite the downpours. By this time last year, 119,000 reservations had been made statewide, compared to 124,000 this summer.

Fuel prices may have something to do with the increase. Traveling costs more, so vacationers are more apt to stay at a campsite than a hotel. At Thompson's Lake, where a night of camping costs no more than $16, reservations are up nearly four percent over last year, despite the rain.

"I think we'd be in the minus if gas were cheaper," Fallon said.
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