Monday, August 04, 2008

RV owners are still on the road

Bend Bulletin - Bend,OR,USA
The Bodines would probably be in Florida, and the Edgars would be enjoying the cool weather and scenery of Alaska.

But both families altered their summer plans as the cost of diesel approaches $5 a gallon in some places, making it a several-hundred-dollar investment to drive their RVs to their preferred vacation destinations.

“It has affected how much we move around,” said Ron Bodine, 66, who lives in his RV year-round with his wife, Bertie. “We would probably increase our travels by about 100 percent, and visit different places and friends that we have” if fuel prices weren’t so high.

While they are taking shorter trips, dedicated RVers determined to see the country and visit family are still traveling, despite staggering fuel bills that sometimes exceed $700 — the cost of filling the 150-gallon tank of the Bodines’ home on wheels.

Wes and Glennis Edgar are among the RV owners who have chosen to make sacrifices, rather than simply park their rig.

With the sun’s rays blocked by the clouds, pine trees and their fifth-wheel’s awning inside the Crown Villa RV Resort in Bend, the couple said they were planning on going north for part of the summer as late as March, when diesel was hovering around $4 a gallon. At the time, the Ontario, Ore., couple were vacationing in Arizona.

“That was the plan for this year,” Wes Edgar said Friday. “But we decided to hold off on Alaska.”

“It has curtailed our traveling plans,” added Glennis Edgar.
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