Friday, August 22, 2008

Winnebago Offers Special Pricing for First Time Motorhome Buyers

Altmans Winnebago, one of Southern California's largest RV dealers and Winnebago Industries are proud to offer the 2009 Winnebago ERA loaded with superb interior and exterior refinements in a boldly-styled package that delivers comfort, functionality and performance at an Altmans "California First" unbelievably low price.
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The RV Handbook: Essential How-to Guide for the RV Owner
This new edition of The RV Handbook is for all types of RV enthusiasts - from a first-time buyer or renter to the most seasoned RV traveler. Packed with valuable information, checklists, photos, and charts, the guide tells you how to: buy an RV; avoid the single most common mistake novice RVers make; select a towing vehicle; avoid RV repair scams; benefit from technical trends in RV manufacturing; correct the bad towing habit that plagues even experienced RVers; and prevent explosive propane situations. With hundreds of proven RV tips, tricks, and techniques, this expanded handbook tells how to buy, maintain, and optimize RVs, saving both money and time.

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