Monday, September 22, 2008

Aberdeen, SD, Park Looks To Expand Campground

Aberdeen is looking to bring more visitors into town. Tonight the parks board is asking the city council for the go-ahead on a 2 million dollar expansion at Wylie Park.

It wants to add 22 camping cabins, 23 RV sites and a tenting area.

Just about every year, Brian Pederson camps at Wylie Park with his family.

"Oh it's the wide open space, the excellent facilities, the variety of things they have to do here and stuff that it's just hard to beat," Pederson said.

But it's also hard to get a camping spot, especially in the summer months. Some weekends fill up a week or two after the park starts taking reservations. At times more than a hundred camping requests are turned down on a single weekend. It's happened to Pederson.

"Yeah bigger would definitely be better," Pederson said.
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