Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Florida RV Dealer Struggles with Manufacturer Warranty Issues

Fort Lauderdale, FL September 24, 2008 -- It comes as no surprise that due to increasing fuel prices, the lending crisis and the general economic downturn, that the RV industry has been hit hard. The entire industry is in serious trouble.

RV Sales of Broward (, one of the biggest names in RV sales and service in the southeast, has not escaped the negative effects that have been sweeping across the industry. The lack of retail financing, strict dealer wholesale financing and unscrupulous finance charges on new products that arrive from the manufacturers in unsellable condition, has taken a particularly hard financial toll on RV Sales of Broward and owner Gigi Stetler. In addition, as manufacturers are also struggling, a popular trend taking place is the unwillingness to support customer warranties.

In the past twelve months, RV Sales of Broward, and Gigi Stetler, have had numerous customers purchase new motor homes and travel trailers that have gone less than 20 miles from the dealership and encounter some sort of mechanical breakdown. Stetler did not believe that a customer should suffer with the inconveniences of the manufacturer's procedures of waiting in line for service, in some unfamiliar territory, and have to wait up to six months to get an appointment because no other dealer wants to address the problem.

Stetler has continued to pour her own money into the repairs and has even given some customers new units, because their one day or one month old unit has left them stranded on the side of the road.

Despite numerous attempts to get manufacturers to financially assist as it is spelled out in the dealer agreement, a practice that would promote customer satisfaction and confidence, manufacturers are instead literally leaving motorists stranded on the side of the road, forcing them to pay for repairs that should be covered under the warranty . Manufacturers seek outstanding dealers to use good business practices to sell and service their products. RV Sales of Broward and Gigi Stetler did just that, and it has nearly bankrupted the company because the manufacturers refuse to standby their products.

"I am Unstoppable! I have been knocked down more times than I can remember, and each time I get knocked down, I get back up that much stronger," said Stetler. "High gas prices, low consumer confidence and mega RV corporations trying to destroy RV Sales of Broward and small dealerships up and down the coast of Florida to control pricing, isn't going to happen. If we allow that to happen, customer satisfaction will be out the window, because there won't be any competition."

Gigi Stetler and the staff of RV Sales of Broward will continue to care for customers by offering the highest level of customer service possible.
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