Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Full Time RVers on Oprah

Best Syndication - Pinon Hills,CA,USA
The couple sold their townhome for an RV. They wanted to spend their retirement on the road, but their nest egg is shrinking faster than they thought because of high gas and food prices. They want to know what they should do if they should park their RV and do something else.

Oprah and Orman went outside to go inside the couples RV. It was a really nice RV. They said that they have enjoyed the lifestyle of living in an RV on the road. They said they wanted to live together and see America. So far they have been able to, but they are starting to worry if they have enough to keep doing this. Orman said that they have done everything right. She missed only a $100 on a medical bill and it lowered her fico score, which caused her car insurance premiums, to go up on the RV.

Orman said that they have adequate savings and they can start to take extra out for the husband. She said that there are certain markets that she would recommend getting out of and then put them into safer investments.

Orman said that their RV is always in order, and this reflects their financial state. A person that has debt and there is clutter in their drawers and there life. Oprah then toured the RV looking inside of cabinets, and yes it was neat and tidy.

They started planning their RV retirement 5 years before doing it and saved the money that was necessary. They did budgets and spreadsheets and to figure out these expenses.

Orman said they lived off of one income and saved the second income and they did everything right for planning their retirement.
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