Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Mexico BLM Campground Fees Addressed

KFOXtv.com - El Paso,TX,USA
DONA ANA COUNTY, N.M. -- The Bureau of Land Management is asking visitors to Aguirre Springs about fee adjustments for the campground.

Just Monday, the Bureau of Land Management closed down sections of the campground to make $300,000 in renovations.

Visitors pay $3 dollars to use the campground during the day or overnight.

Some said the fee is OK as it is, others said it makes it difficult for the BLM to stay competitive with other state campgrounds, which charge $8 for camping.

Part of the campground will be closed through Mid-October while renovations, including the replacement of picnic tables, the upgrade of parking areas and replacement of trash cans takes place.

The upgrades will cost about $300,000. In the meantime rangers are asking for input.
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