Monday, September 29, 2008

RV dealer plans to expand business

RURAL HALL, N.C. -- Gas prices might be surging and the economy might be tanking, but Bill Plemmons RV World plans to travel in a different direction.

The recreational-vehicle dealership wants to expand operations here and build on its existing customer base that extends throughout the country. It helps that many seasoned RVers don't let high gas prices keep them home.

Owner Steve Plemmons recently purchased 34 acres behind his dealership, bringing his complex to about 50 acres. He wants to use the additional land to construct a service building of up to 30,000 square feet and to create the Bill Plemmons Memorial Rally Park, which will have 330 sites for RVs to park.

"It's for the future," he said.

The dealership wants to grow its business with the overall expansion; it has 75 employees, including those in its Raleigh location. But the service addition -- expected to add up to 25 jobs -- is out of necessity.

The dealership needs more space as its service side is growing, Plemmons said.
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