Saturday, September 27, 2008

RV’s Return Iowa to Meet Their Maker

New York Times - United States
ON a late summer evening in this small community in north-central Iowa, fireflies twinkled despite the hints of fall in the air. A line of large recreational vehicles parked in the tidy campground seemed to glow like the fireflies, lighted from within.

Between two of the motor homes a folding table was being set for dinner. Cathie Carr spread a gingham tablecloth and arranged stoneware, silverware and glasses for iced tea.

Mrs. Carr’s next-R.V.-neighbor, Janice Lasko, 66, arrived with the corn, piping hot from her microwave oven. Mrs. Lasko’s husband, Gabby, 83, was close behind with a heaping bowl of melon slices. Mrs. Carr’s husband, Bud, who had been tinkering in their immaculate 40-foot motor home, an Itasca Horizon built by Winnebago, materialized soon after the food arrived.

The Carrs and Laskos criss-cross the country in their R.V.’s year-round, and they often find themselves veering off for a stop in Forest City, the home of Winnebago Industries. They are not alone; thousands of other owners of Winnebago products make the pilgrimage much as swallows flock back to San Juan Capistrano.
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