Friday, September 26, 2008

VW camper is like a Swiss army knife on wheels

San Francisco Chronicle - CA, USA -John Flinn, Chronicle Staff Writer
(09-26) 04:00 PDT Moab , Utah -- The scene is part Kerouac, part Corona beer ad:

I'm in a warm and cactus-studded desert, slouched comfortably in a camp chair, savoring a paisley-tangerine sunset. To my left, shrimp the size of plantains are sizzling on a hibachi. To my right, beer is chilling in a slushy cooler. And behind me stands my home, my wheels and the linchpin of my retirement dreams: a Volkswagen pop-top camper.

Like a lot of Boomers, I've envisioned my rapidly approaching golden years as not just active, but mobile.

But after once watching the proud new owner of a monstrously large motor home wedge it between two pine trees while trying to turn around in a Yellowstone campground - for all I know, it's still stuck there - I see myself behind the wheel of something a bit more modest, easier to drive and less punishing at the pump.

For someone who grew up in the 1960s and early '70s, that means only one thing: a VW camper van.

Before plunking down the considerable pile of cash required to buy a new one, or even a decent used one, I did something uncharacteristically wise: I decided to rent one for a vacation, to make sure my wife Jeri and I could live in such close quarters without going after each other with tire irons.
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