Thursday, October 02, 2008

Airstream Life: RV economics

Our great Four Corners circle tour is coming to an end. Over the past month we’ve wandered from Great Sand Dunes NP to Silverton CO, Mesa Verde NP, Hovenweep, Natural Bridges, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Kanab, Grand Canyon, Page AZ, Navajo Nat’l Mon., Canyon de Chelly, and finally here to Grants, New Mexico. That’s in addition to minor excursions to Pipe Springs Nat’l Mon., Glen Canyon NRA, Grand-Staircase Escalante, Vermillion Cliffs, Navajo Bridge, and (on Monday), Hubble Trading Post Nat’l Mon.

All told, we’ve driven about 1,300 miles since the last oil change in Cortez, CO on September 2. Since then we’ve visited 15 national park sites, camped for a month in some spectacular locations, and had a really terrific time. Since we never drove more than 100 miles on any towing day, and because we were careful about where we camped, our costs were ridiculously low. We spent a total of $500 on gas, and $471 on camping — for a month!

That means our daily cost for camping and fuel to explore the Four Corners was about $32 per day. All of our other expenses were the same ones we’d incur at home (groceries, etc). That’s a serious bargain.
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