Friday, October 24, 2008

Beaudry RV loses its Fleetwood line

The double-feature nightmare of high fuel prices and tight credit has hurt recreational-vehicle sales and contributed to Tucson's biggest RV dealer losing one of its top lines.

As a result, more than 100 Fleetwood RVs were taken from Beaudry RV's lot and locked up at a Tucson Electric Park lot this week.

Beaudry RV, 3200 E. Irvington Road, is no longer a Fleetwood dealer, Beaudry RV CEO Thomas Sylvester confirmed. Sylvester said the Fleetwood products "were moved to a neutral site."

He later acknowledged that the company that is storing the RVs at TEP is the one that financed the Fleetwood stock.

Sylvester wouldn't talk about the details of Beaudry's split with Fleetwood, including who initiated the change.
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