Friday, October 03, 2008

Campground Owner Sues Town for Right to Expand

BYRON, MAINE - Owners of a commercial campground who have publicly accused town officials of trying to regulate them out of business recently filed a multi-count lawsuit against Byron in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris.

A procedural motions hearing to determine how best to conduct the case in court has been tentatively set for Nov. 6, according to court Clerk Donna Howe.

Swift River Park LLC, landowners for Coos Canyon Cabins and Campground LLC, wants to expand the campground from 39 lots to 64 lots, its lawyer, Frank M. Underkuffler said by phone on Thursday in Farmington.

After two years of municipal wrangling, Swift River applied to expand on Feb. 28, 2008. In late August, it filed suit, asking a superior court justice to prevent the town from interfering with or preventing the expansion, and to grant additional relief.

"We're hoping that the suit will cause the town to rethink its position and negotiate with us to reach some sort of consent agreement," Underkuffler said. "The town is trying to fix the campground at a certain size and prevent expansion."
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