Saturday, October 25, 2008

Camping debris clogs plans for fall ritual

Nashua Telegraph - Nashua,NH,USA
I still had a good half-hour before dusk would fall and complicate this annual October ritual of mine, so I leisurely rolled up and jockeyed my wheeled home-away-from-home even with the metal-capped tube I've always associated with the words "great convenience."

I hopped out, expecting I'd need to move up or back to get closer, but found myself smiling with the inner pride of a guy who just did a guy thing perfectly on the first try. Many times I have dumped my RVs sewage storage tank over the years. It's one of the least-appealing but most necessary chores, sort of like that annual PSA exam for us 50-plus coots.

One of the neatest things that came with the big, new Campers Inn in Merrimack when it was built about a decade ago was the 24-hour, help-yourself dumping station where any RVer, customer or not, was welcome to unload their gray and black water tanks at no cost.

But this day, just as I was about to clean 'er out good like I do every fall before leaving it with the Campers Inn guys to winterize, I noticed something wasn't quite right.

The dump station cap had something new on it – a big, shiny padlock forbidding entry into the four-inch pipe.
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