Monday, October 27, 2008

Hardin, MO man trying to bring RV park to town

Hardin resident Jason Raasch is trying to get city approval to build a 10-unit, two-acre RV park in the East Main and 8th Street area of town.

Raasch anticipates construction railers, pipeline workers on the trans-Canada oil line in 2009, and future construction workers on a potential Norborne power plant as his main RV users. Some residents and Alderman Randy Estenbaum are concerned about increased traffic and a work hard, play hard crowd – or worse – from the proposed park.
“You have no idea who you’re going to rent to. It could be a meth lab,” Estenbaum told Raasch.

Resident Cindy Baugher spoke on her behalf and nine other townspeople opposing the park.

“I just don’t see it, especially in that part of town with little kids. Who knows what’s gonna come in here?” she said. Baugher asked and was granted more time to get more signatures against the RV park for November’s meeting.
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