Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Industry Pins Hopes on California RV Show

The California RV Show, which starts Friday at Fairplex in Pomona, will have the new wrinkles that are inevitable when rival manufacturers try to stand out in the flood of product introductions a new model year brings.

Roger Humeston says the event could be an indicator of what the next year or so will be like for the industry, which is expected to be down significantly this year, and has seen numerous manufacturers and dealerships go out of business.

Humeston, chief financial officer at Moreno Valley-based manufacturer MVP RV, said the show is important in that it will set up the company's expectations for the upcoming year.

He said indications from dealers suggest that this year's show will be an improvement over last year's show, which he called very poor, in terms of sales generated. What happens in Pomona could impact the pace at which MVP develops new products, he said.
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