Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Owners to make Campground Family Friendly

Tunkhannock New Age Examiner - Tunkhannock,PA,USA
James and Virginia Hawk, new owners of Stony Mountain Campground, took over the campground last week when they purchased it from Leroy Posten.

James Hawk said he and his family have always enjoyed camping, and for the past several years they have looked into getting into it as a business.

"We've camped a lot. You always kind of think that would be a neat thing to do," he said. "People in a campground are always in a good mood."

Hawk said there are some facilities at the campground that haven't been used in years that he wants to restore. He said the goal is to return it to the status it had when it was built in 1963.

"We want to make it more family-oriented," he said. In fact, when the campground re-opens next spring, the word "Family" will be added to its name.
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