Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reno Nevada's Gold Ranch is valued rest stop

Carson Times - Reno,NV,USA
In some form or another, since the 1940s, Terrible's Gold Ranch Casino & RV Resort has welcomed motorists into Nevada or bid them farewell as they departed.

When severe winter weather strikes, it's where many ride out the storm.

"This is the last stop (before California) and a lot of times, traffic is held at Gold Ranch," general manager Aaron Fox said. "We always have hot coffee on."

A campground resort that holds 105 recreational vehicles opened in 2000 and has guests who stay from one night to one year.

The RV resort is year-around and has laundry facilities, wireless Internet, showers, a swimming pool and allows pets.

"We're very proud of this place and think it's the nicest RV park in town," Fox said. "We could probably demand higher prices but don't."
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