Friday, October 24, 2008

Rockport-Fulton Texas... Smart Destination for Winter Texans

ROCKPORT, Texas, Oct 24, 2008 -- "This is our fifth year to make Rockport our home for six months," says Sharon Firmstone of Hawley, Pennsylvania. "When we return north, we compare notes with our friends and find we have the best deal of all, we spend in one month what they do in a week in Florida. You can't beat the cost of living, and I doubt you'll find a friendlier place."

Sharon and her husband John come for the quality of life, "it's a captivating small town, much like Hawley, but it's close to big city amenities. Houston and Corpus Christi are just a short drive. We also find the quality of health care is better and more affordable, so we have all of our medical check-ups while down there. I teach aerobics and my husband plays golf daily. The people in Texas just go out of their way to help visitors; I've never known anything like it."

In early November, when the winter chill begins to frost over the Midwest and Northeastern region of the United States, the migration to the Texas Coastal Bend begins. More than 10,000 people known as Winter Texans find refuge in Rockport-Fulton, Texas.
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