Monday, October 20, 2008

RV Starter Kits to Improve RVer Customer Satisfaction

Fayetteville, NC October 20, 2008 -- RV Education 101, an educational video production company and Valterra Products, a leading RV Parts and Accessories Supplier team up to offer a low cost effective solution to RV dealers by providing RV education material and essential starter kit items together in one package.

The two companies worked together to package the essential items and a 54 minute RV Orientation DVD in RV starter kits to help make the RV experience more enjoyable for new RV owners. Donna Warr, Sales Manager for Valterra stated, "By providing the RV Orientation DVD in the starter kits, we can help RV dealers save money in the long run and improve their customer satisfaction ratings at the same time.

The RV Orientation DVD was produced by RV Education 101 specifically for these starter kits and is applicable to all types of RV's.

Mark Polk, owner RV Education 101, added, "A common problem in the industry for many years has been low RV Dealer customer satisfaction ratings. I have always felt that one way to improve these ratings is to improve the education process for new RV owners. A dealership might give the RV consumer the best orientation possible but it all boils down to retention. The consumer cannot retain the overwhelming system operations and information overload presented in a one-time class. The RV Orientation DVD included in these starter kits gives the new RVer a chance to review the information as many times as needed after they take the RV home or when they take their unit out of storage for the next camping season."

Local Fayetteville, NC RV dealership owner Annette Autry, President of Allsport RV Center explains it like this, "A good percentage of the complaints you get from new customers reflect a lack of knowledge rather than a real problem. The RV Orientation DVD can solve all of these problems, and the consumer will remember you as the one who helped to educate them."

Dawn Polk, co-owner RV Education 101, sums it up saying, "We don't want RVers to be overwhelmed with their new RV lifestyle. Our goal with all of our products is to teach new RVers all that we can to make their RV experiences everything they should be, SAFE, FUN and STRESS FREE. RV owners can review our RV training videos as many times as needed until they thoroughly understand the RV systems and operation."

RVing 101 Training Course on DVDs
Get a box set of instructional DVD titles for hours of one on one instruction. Not only do you eliminate the guesswork as to which DVDs are suited to your RV, you SAVE significant money with the box set discount. There are DVD sets for Class A, Class C Motorhomes, Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels.

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