Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Salem, Oregon RV Show starts on Thursday

It's more than a gimmick, and promoters are pretty sure it will serve as a magnet to draw attention to the Salem Fall RV Show.

"You've never seen an RV like this, we can guarantee that," said Sam Scott, public relations director for the 31st annual event, which will be Thursday through Sunday at the Oregon State Fairgrounds.

The headliner he is describing is the RV-12 Sport Plane.

"It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a recreational vehicle, but it's named the RV-12, and we thought it would be good from the public interest standpoint to bring it here because of its name," Scott said. "It will be on display, and a lot of people are going to be interested in seeing it."

"It will be interesting to have this plane in our building — luckily for us it's named the RV-12 — and it's something for the public to come and look at," Scott said. "It's something to break up the monotony of your Class A, Class B or Class C recreational vehicle."

He said Westlake Promotions kicked around several ideas as it prepared to promote this show.

"As we were preparing our marketing we were starting to encounter major gas-price hikes and we mentioned that there's never been a better time to just escape locally — grab your family, grab an RV and get back to nature locally rather than on one of those cross-country trips," Scott said.

He said the industry emphasis this year is less on the gigantic motor homes and more on the small, tow-behind units.

"Whether people purchase them or not, they've always liked to come to these shows to look at the larger bus-type motor homes," he said.

"I would say that certainly, yes, we've seen a shift away from the larger Class A homes and more toward the travel trailer and sport utility vehicles, the ones that have the drop-down doors so you can drive your quad into the vehicle. Those have become very popular — those, and Class C units, the conversion vans."
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