Thursday, October 02, 2008

Town Looks at RV Parking on Private Property

Tri-Town News - Howell,NJ,USA
JACKSON — The issue of motor homes and boats parked on private property was a topic of discussion at the Jackson Planning Board meeting on Sept. 22. Following a discussion of the matter, it appeared that any action on the issue will wait until the township's master plan is reviewed.

Jackson's code enforcement officer John Grillo said he conducted a survey and determined there are more than 300 violations of the local law which governs the storage of recreational vehicles (motor homes) and boats on private property.

The violations could include any number of issues, including the size of the vehicle and the setbacks from property lines. He said the economy may be taking a toll on people who would otherwise keep their boat at a marina over the winter.

One change to the local law that could be considered is increasing the size of a vehicle that may be kept on private property.
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