Friday, November 21, 2008

Campground Cans Christmas Basket Cheer

Since 1989, Thornton has gathered thousands and thousands of soft drink cans from a local campground to buy Christmas presents for kids and families.

"My husband and I started doing it in 1989," said Thornton. "And we just started sorting cans and bottles through Thousand Trails through what the members were tossing."

But this year, she was told by the campground that she wouldn't be able to collect the cans because of tax reasons.

"What it comes down to is that we were acquired by another company other than Thousand Trails, that is not set up to go ahead and give to charitable donations," said Cecilia Lee, manager of the campground.

This comes just a year after the Christmas basket operation gave a record-breaking total last season - almost $5,000 in gifts and food -- something that Marlene prays can continue to happen, for the sake of the recipients.

"I called five of them this morning to ask if they'd prefer a turkey, a whole chicken or a ham," Thornton said, tearfully added, "And they all said, 'We'd be grateful for anything that we get.'"

If you're interested in helping Marlene by donating cans, food, or clothing you can do so by calling her at (541) 593-5549.
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