Friday, November 14, 2008

Escapees RV Club Members Help Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International will celebrate this month the completion of its 300,000th home built around the world! Seven of those homes stand today in Polk County, Texas, and the eighth is under construction in Moscow, Texas, north of Livingston about 20 miles. Number nine will be built on Miracle Way in Livingston, starting in January 2009. Add to these nine the homes built in Africa with our tithe, and you have an impressive accomplishment for an affiliate not yet six years old in a rural East Texas county.

Hurricane Ike, for all its fury, was unable to damage any of the Habitat homes in Polk County. The electric meter box on one house was damaged by a tree limb and had to be replaced, but that was the only damage, fortunately. Habitat houses are built not only with a lot of love but a lot of nails, and they can withstand almost anything!

Escapees have been responsible for funding and building two of these homes in Polk County. And Escapees volunteers have been involved in the construction of all of the Habitat homes built in Polk County. In addition, some Escapees members contribute regularly to the work of the affiliate. As important as volunteer laborers are, it still takes dollars to buy the materials needed.

Perhaps Escapees member Sally Hedberg said it best: It only takes one Habitat build to give a person “habitities,” a condition that makes you want to volunteer for more builds.

About the HfH Certified BOF
The Escapees Habitat for Humanity is a certified BOF (special interest group) setup to support the efforts of Habitat of Humanity and the Care-A-Vanners. They participate in builds offered nationwide by Habitat affiliates, giving a “Hand Up, Not a Handout” to qualified recipients. Their Polk County affiliate is located in Livingston, Texas, with Escapees members Ray and Susie Gearing serving as President and Secretary of the Board.

For more information
Member applications are available at , or you may send your name, phone #, SKP#, address and e-mail to Allen Downs, 120 Rainbow Dr., #2045, Livingston, TX 77399-1020. Make checks to BOF HfH. Dues are $5/year, with BOF quarterly newsletters and Care-A-Vanner build updates.
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