Friday, November 28, 2008

Green highways -- in an RV

The 1994 Safari Trek motor home parked in the green-living southeast Portland neighborhood draws curious looks.

Which is just what Ty Adams wants.

Curiosity breeds questions. Questions give Adams the chance to preach his passion -- for alternative fuels and energy independence, for conservation of natural resources and for creative, sustainable design and construction practices.

An outdoors enthusiast who never dreamed he'd become an RVer, Adams learned about motorhomes while working for a Coburg RV manufacturer -- then launched into his own campaign to bring environmental practices to the world of motorhoming.

His unlikely pulpit is the 27-foot-long "SolTrekker," a paragon of sustainability in an eye-catching custom paint job of orange, brown and white, with yellow sun rays reaching from the wheel hubs.

It's the blood and guts of the motor home that so audaciously flip the RV stereotype.

The SolTrekker runs on biodiesel. Solar panels heat its water and power its electricity. Special gutters channel rain through filters and into holding barrels to use for cooking and cleaning.

The composting toilet doesn't need to be pumped out.
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