Sunday, November 02, 2008

Home is where the park is

For full time RVers, home is as close as the nearest parking space.

Curt and Mary Heldreth don't feel that they are exactly "roughing it" in their recreational vehicle, but since they packed up and moved out of their West Virginia home more than a year ago, they have discovered a different and exciting way to live.

Curt, 60, a retired teacher and Army major, decided that he wanted to spend his retirement on the go, but he wasn't quite sure how his wife Mary, 62, would feel about spending all their time in a 35-foot home on wheels.

"We decided to just try it out for a year or two," Curt said. "There are a million people who are RVers and about half are full timers."

Full-time RVers, or people who choose to live in their RV instead of a traditional home, are hitting the highways or setting up at campgrounds to experience the great outdoors year-round. Some travel from state to state, while others find a campground or RV park and stay a few months at a time.
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