Monday, November 17, 2008

Motorhome maker Foretravel takes on the horse trailer

Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel - Nacogdoches,TX,USA
Foretravel has been in the motorhome business for many years, but now they have taken on a project that is a horse of a different color.

Horse trailers that were once aluminum frames are being converted by Foretravel to add living space for the owners, while still leaving space for transporting horses.

"Most of them are built for transporting three or four horses with 14 to 15 feet of living space," Terry Nabours, Foretravel director of marketing, said. "The inside looks just like a Foretravel motorhome."

The new endeavor began as an idea a few years ago from Richard Spring, Foretravel manager of customer service, but has only been a serious project for the last six months.

"It gives the people another avenue for a higher quality living area for anyone who wants to haul a horse," Spring said, "whether it be the rodeo people or the people who show horses."
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