Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowbird Season is Brighter for Casa Grande AZ

Casa Grande Valley Newspapers - Casa Grande,AZ,USA
Lower fuel prices may be bringing many back, but seniors likely will be spending less after they arrive The winter visitor outlook for the Casa Grande Valley was pretty bleak a couple of months ago as a recessionary economy and sky-high gas prices had people questioning the wisdom of a winter stay in Arizona.

But the outlook is much brighter now, thanks in large part to the continuing tumble in fuel prices. Now the question isn't so much "will they come?" but "how much will they spend?"

Getting here is no longer the problem. Gas prices are lower than they were this time last year, and much lower (more than a dollar a gallon) than when winter visitors went home this spring.

"The RV market is a little soft due to the economy, but most snowbirds aren't affected drastically by such downturns," said Dan Thompson, president of the Arizona Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds. "We have experienced approximately a 5 to 10 percent softening. Most don't stay as long and don't move around as much, but come nonetheless.

"Reservations were slow in coming in, but have been steady and are starting to catch up to normal.
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