Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Texas Mother Neff State Park Open

Mother Neff State Park, known as the first official state park in Texas, reopened for day use only in March after crews scraped layers of mud and silt from remaining park facilities and removed truckload after truckload of tree limbs and other debris from picnic areas and the riverside campground. This fall, the campground is open once again, though under mostly primitive conditions. There is still no electricity and the restrooms and showers are not yet back in operation.

But no matter. Park Superintendent Leah Huth says the campground is open and she is charging the $5 primitive camping rate until full services are restored. There is potable water at the park and the security light between the Recreation Hall and rock tabernacle illuminates most of the nearby 21 pecan bottomlands campsites. Each has a picnic table, fire ring, lantern post and waste-high grill. Persons 13 and older pay a $2 entry fee daily.

“If someone wants to come in a set up a pop-up or trailer, and spend a weekend hiking and fishing, they can do that,” Huth says. “A lot of people prefer a smaller, more remote location and don't want to be among hundreds of other campers. Mother Neff offers a bit slower pace than larger parks.”
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