Monday, December 01, 2008

Airstreams Travel Trailers Become Penthouse Campground

They're more commonly seen being towed along the nation's roads or sitting solidly in trailer parks.

But seven Ohio-built Airstreams have gone up in the world by crossing the Atlantic and parking on top of a South African hotel. They're now being billed as the world's first penthouse caravan park, a piece of Americana.

The seven Airstreams, heaviest of which weighs 3.5 tons, have been bolted to the floor and will be surrounded by decking.

Cape Town businessman Jody Aufrichtig, 35, spent $160,000 on the seven trailers that range from 1959 to 1981 models. He bought one on eBay from Florida, another one from a Cape Town trailer park and the remaining five from Helena, Ohio's P&S Trailers.
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