Friday, December 26, 2008

California RV Manufactuer Plans to Restart in 2009
Bill Wyrick is hoping to take a chance in about six months.

With business loans being difficult to get and an economy sinking deeper into recession, Wyrick is hoping to restart his manufacturing company, Los BaƱos RV Center.

A bad business deal caused him to shut it down in 2005. He said he misses the business.

As he plans to go back to running his RV company, Wyrick is prepared for business to be slow for the next year and a half. However, he thinks the economic decline is close to its end.

"I see some gradual improvement in 2009. I think we're getting to almost where we've hit bottom." he said.

Wyrick said the credit crisis may impact RV buyers, but it shouldn't.

"The recourse on loans on the RV industry is the lowest of any industry," Wyrick said. "The mortgage situation, the RV industry has never been in that. People that buy RVs, they've planned it and they've worked for it for a long period of their life.
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