Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas on the road: old traditions new adventures

Carlsbad Current Argus - Carlsbad,NM,USA
Being home for Christmas is a goal for most people, but "home" for some is the freedom of getting to be on the road again.

For many of the full-time RVers celebrating Christmas today at Carlsbad's KOA, the holiday will involve a nice meal, some televised football and a few calls to the children. The RVers, most of them retirees, make a few concessions to the holiday, but not to the point where they abandon their beloved lifestyle.

Dick and Dawn Nelson plan to celebrate by barbequing a pair of Cornish game hens. They'll do it outdoors next to their RV, weather permitting.

"We'll call the kids. Then there's a football game on," Dick Nelson said, noting that there won't be any presents. "We quit doing that a long time ago. The kids all say they are doing fine."

They've been full time RVers for the past six months. They arrived at Carlsbad's KOA last Saturday and plan to leave this Saturday. They'll then make a short trip to Ft. Stockton and then spend most of the winter in Kerrville, Texas.

"We're going to do it a year and a half and see if we like it," Nelson said about their present rig.
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