Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fleetwood RV maker trims 250 more jobs

DECATUR, Ind. - Recreational vehicle manufacturer Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. is cutting another 250 jobs from its operations in Decatur.

The Riverside, Calif.-based company elminated 300 jobs at three Decatur facilities in June. Most of the cuts announced Monday are from the Fleetwood Motor Home plant.

About 900 employees remain at Fleetwood plants in Decatur, about 20 miles southeast of Fort Wayne.

Fleetwood spokeswoman Kathy Munson says the cuts are because of decling demand for the company's products.

This fall, Fleetwood announced that it would close seven plants nationwide, including one in Crawfordsville.

Other RV manufacturers have also announced job cuts and plant closings in northern Indiana.
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